Artists News Ece Uslu made a big decision about her life

Ece Uslu made a big decision about her life


The famous actress Ece Uslu was on the set of the TV series Sisterhood, which was shot in Izmir’s Urla district the season we left behind. The series lasted 8 episodes. However, it seems that the famous actor loved this region very much and left Istanbul and settled in Urla.

Speaking to the Hürriyet newspaper, the actress said that this situation was not an escape for her, but a return home. Ece Uslu, who is from Izmir, will live in her hometown with the decision he made. Ece Uslu said on this subject: “Actually, there is no situation with a password. Most people have the idea of ​​escaping the city congestion and settling in a coastal town. Since my hometown is the Aegean, I am one of the lucky ones and I can say that it was a return home rather than running away. ”

Ece Uslu, who underlined that she wanted to do such a thing for a long time, even though she took this decision, said that she could not do it due to her busy pace of work.

The actress, who said, “It was just the time after the busy pace of work and I found myself made my decision”, now closed her Istanbul notebook. Stating that she embraced the idea of ​​settling in Izmir between 2013-2016, when the Black Rose TV series was broadcast, and started preparations, the actor said that she also loved Istanbul very much.

Here is the continuation of Ece Uslu’s words about her return home: “It was time for the Black Rose series, I had already started the preparations for settling in the Aegean. I love the dynamism and pace of Istanbul, the city did not tire me, I can say that the desire to return home was dominant after busy work pace. Natural life, farm charm ..

Istanbul, where the heart of its sector beats, becomes a distancing when the distance comes in, but it is good to turn this distance into an advantage. I love my job, it is very enjoyable to look from a distance as long as I am in contact with people who see this. In addition, I generally worked in out-of-town jobs, and the last series I played was filmed around Urla and Çeşme, now it seems like the producers are starting to prefer these sides too … I think it is needed. “