Eda Ece has a lot of fun in the character of Yıldız in the Yasak Elma TV series
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29 November 2022 10:26


Eda Ece has a lot of fun in the character of Yıldız in the Yasak Elma TV series

The Yasak Elma series, which also gained acclaim with its 5th season, holds the title of being the most absurd series on the screen! Although the original story of the series is very different, the audience is very happy with this! The cartoon characters and the story make the followers of the series feel like watching a comedy series every week.

Yasak Elma is now referred to as a series where everything is impossible. All the characters in the series are followed with admiration by the audience and make you laugh with brand new absurdities every week.

Eda Ece, who has been in the series since the first episode of Yasak Elma, has been appreciated by putting the character of Yıldız on a completely different line from the beginning until today. Yıldız is now a phenomenon character!

Yıldız’s videos, which have become a character that the audience watches with fun, are watched a lot on Youtube. With her jokes, manners and idiosyncratic words, those who watched Yıldız almost fell in love with her.

While Eda Ece adds to her reputation with the character of Yıldız, she also shows that she has a lot of fun with Yıldız at every opportunity. Eda Ece, who shares many sets on her Instagram page, is a name that the audience follows with interest.

Eda Ece made her fans smile with her latest post. The actress, who was shooting for long hours, took off her Yıldız costume, but forgot her character’s earring in her ear and came home.

She shared this situation with her fans. The actress posted the photo below with the note “The set is over, the Yasak Elma detail I forgot on the way home”, showing her earring.

Meanwhile, the actresses of the Yasak Elma series get along very well with each other outside the set. The actresses, who also take a boat tour together in the summer, spend time together during the shooting breaks. Eda Ece also shared one of those moments…

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