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13 August 2022 00:27


Ege Kökenli’s mind was left when they couldn’t eat it!..

Acting in many different projects since 2010, Ege Kökenli took part in ambitious projects including Asla Vazgeçmem, Kap Atışı, Aykut Enişte, Güneşin Kızları, Menajerimi Ara, Yasak Elma and Benim Tatlı Yalanım…

The actress played a role with experienced names such as Nurgül Yeşilçay, Mert Fırat and Yurdaer Okur in Kefaret, which made the finale last season on Fox TV screens, and gave life to the character of ‘Nil’.

After Kefaret, the actress appeared in front of the camera with Doğu Demirkol in the Blu TV series Doğu and gave life to the character of ‘Zeynep’ in the series. Ege Kökenli is currently not involved in a project.

The actress, who visited the cities of Mardin and Urfa in the past days and frequently shared photos from her Instagram account, remained in the Urfa kitchen.

Sharing lots of photos from Mardin, Ege Kökenli returned to Istanbul, but it seems that her mind is still stuck there. The actress explained her feelings about this issue with a fun post she made from her instastory.

Ege Kökenli, who posted a photo of her with his dog on Instagram, made her followers laugh by writing, “My mind is still there, especially when I can’t eat” in the post she wrote, “Can we say Zeyno and Karabaş from Urfa”.

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