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22 May 2022 00:01


Ekin Koç, the lead actor of the Üç Kuruş series, created the agenda with his social media sharing!

Ekin Koç, one of the most successful actors of the last period, became one of the first items of the agenda upon the words he said. Upon these words of Ekin Koç, fans who saw that the handsome actor was one of them shared fun.

Ekin Koç, who appeared in front of his fans with the character of Efe, which he portrayed in the TV series Üç Kuruş, which is still on Show TV, is living the most productive days of his career. The movie named Okul Tıraşı, in which the successful actor starred, was screened in cinemas. The film titled Kurak Günler (Dry Days), in which he shared the lead role with Selahattin Paşalı, was also selected for the Cannes Film Festival.

Ekin Koç, who takes firm steps forward in his career, became the agenda of social media with his latest statement. He said, “I am always tired, he never leaves me. No matter what vitamins I take or how long I sleep, I am always tired.”

He shared a problem he had experienced in recent years with his fans.

His fans also expressed with humorous words that they also suffer from the same problem and that almost half of Turkey is like Ekin Koç. Apparently, his fans felt closer to Ekin Koç after this statement.

While one viewer wrote about Ekin Koç’s statement, “Ekin Koç, I understand you very well, I’ve been tired since the day I was born, I’ve been tired no matter what I do,” while another social media user joked, “It turns out that you have packed a lot of crops and coaches in your life.”

One of his fans stated that he was an interpreter for Ekin Koç’s feelings and wrote: “Ekin Koç, you have described me so much that you are a celebrity that I do not know, but whatever. You are the interpreter of my feelings. May your success always be, dear. You can see some of the humorous comments made on Ekin Koç’s statement below.

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