Elçin Sangu and Ozan Dolunay became a super series couple!
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4 December 2022 05:26


Elçin Sangu and Ozan Dolunay became a super series couple!

Happily Ever After, which met with the audience on the Star TV screens on Saturday evenings, attracted attention with its first two episodes. Although the story of the series, which is above the middle in the ratings, is known, the audience has found a production on the screen that they can watch without getting bored.

The harmony between Elçin Sangu and Ozan Dolunay was also very successful. Although viewers questioned this preference at first, they interpreted the performance and harmony of the duo as “super” on social media after the series started broadcasting. In the series Happily Ever After, many viewers felt the difference in the director.

The difference of Metin Berkoğlu’s direction is also hidden in the details of the series. Anibal Güleroğlu, one of the columnists of Milliyet Blog, revealed the difference of the director of the series. In fact, the little secret of the series was realized by Berkoğlu revealing his directing skills. There are no boring dialogues, the drama flows like water with a fluent expression.

The following words of Anibal Güleroğlu about Metin Berkoğlu draw attention:

“The ‘flow energy’ of the TV series directed by Metin Balekoğlu is the first factor that shines in this work. The scenes aren’t overwhelmed by boring dialogue. There are no unnecessary exaggerations or absurd coincidences. Events; The series also has a positive energy, as it is presented in a kind that develops in the normal flow of life, without stretching or removing the skin. The fact that it was set up to properly convey the content of the scenes in the series, which adds energy to its energy with the image and shooting success that moves with natural atmospheres that does not hurt, also provided the fluency. Thus, an energetic production that develops with chirpy but calm scenes and flows like water. ”

Şenay Gürler, one of the master actress’ of the series, is immediately apparent. The experienced actress draws a dominant image in the character of Aslıhan. Şenay Gürler, who successfully gives life to Aslıhan, who wanders around with the Queen Mother atmosphere, plays one of the important supporting characters that add strength to the series.

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