Did Demet Özdemir have an accident on the set?
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2 December 2022 05:23


Did Demet Özdemir have an accident on the set?

The shooting of the new season of My Home My Destiny series on tv8 started last week. The cast and the whole crew finished their holidays and returned to the set. With the start of the shooting, the lead actors İbrahim Çelikkol and Demet Özdemir shared their social media accounts, making their followers happy.

Demet Özdemir continues to post often witty behind the scenes. Sometimes the actress transforms her partner Çelikkol into Avatar, and sometimes shares her photos with the set crews by adding a humorous style. In the set, where Demet Özdemir has a drama with the role of Zeynep in front of the camera, there are fun moments behind the camera.

Demet Özdemir reveals how she changed her environment with his excitement and energy with her posts. Demet Özdemir also hangs out with the set staff from time to time as well as her fellow players.

Finally, she was a bit confused with the note her wrote by sharing the pose she gave with two colleagues from the technical team. Actually, the sharing was done by the set employee first. In her own account, she quoted the small accident on the set by referring to the name of the series with the words “The glass you blasted is your destiny”.

Demet Özdemir responded to this post, in which she was also included, with the note “Hahahaha you know no limits in creativity”.

Later, the actress, who posted the post on the story section of her Instagram account, shared the note “The glass you blasted is your destiny” and added Çağrı Bayrak, the director of the series.

Although it is not clear who broke the glass, it is understood that the technical team had an accident during the work on the set. Demet Özdemir also brought a humorous attitude to the accident with her two set employees and her posing guilty.

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