Özge Gürel got really excited on the set of Mr. Wrong!
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3 December 2022 11:42


Özge Gürel got really excited on the set of Mr. Wrong!

After the series Full Moon, where she was also partnered with Can Yaman, Börü appeared in the series Magnificent Due, but Özge Gürel came to the screen with short productions. Özge Gürel, who was missed by her viewers during the intervening period, is now on the screens with a romantic comedy and Can Yaman, whom she is very likened to.

Serkan Çayoğlu, who is an actor like her, has been together since the series Cherry Season. The couple, who have a happy relationship, are not normally a very visible couple. The couple, who traveled a lot in their spare time, made their followers happy with their social media posts from time to time.

However, both actors are currently taking roles in different series. Naturally, their sharing also increased. Although they sometimes share their poses together, Özge Gürel makes the followers happy by sharing photos from the set of Mr. Wrong, which is mostly on Fox TV.

The actress, who returns to the screens with the character Ezgi, has a humorous personality just like the role she played. It is possible to see this situation from the note she made on her posts.

Gürel’s social media posts, which have recently increased, make her fans very happy. Not only Turkish but especially Italian and Arab fans of the actress, who is followed with great interest, continue to make comments and likes.

You can see below two photos of Gürel, who recently started breaking sharing records for herself …

The actress who dropped the note “10 seconds before getting into trouble” on her pose with Can Yaman also adorned it with a knife and laughing emojis.

Özge Gürel, whose character has also passed her slight wave with the note “Be like Ezgi in dealing with events” …

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