Artists News Elçin Sangu was amazed by the reality of seeing the scene in the Çöp Adam TV series!

Elçin Sangu was amazed by the reality of seeing the scene in the Çöp Adam TV series!


Çöp Adam (Stickman) series is a series that is quoted from a true story and it is signed by Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu. There are some scenes of Çöp Adam, which is one of the alternative productions of Wednesday evenings on Star TV screen, in the form of an acting recital.

The third episode of the series starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Elçin Sangu has been left behind. The story of the series progresses in a very interesting way and the scenes of Tamer and Peri characters add a different story richness to the audience.

There are also points such as the fact that this series is taken from real life, the character of Tamer is a well-known computer genius, and those who know this show more interest in the Çöp Adam series.

It becomes clearer in every new episode that Elçin Sangu is the right choice in the character of Peri in the series. At the point of Sangu’s believability, there is a scene where the Peri character goes crazy, and the audience is sure that the famous actress really felt at those moments.

While these crazy moments attracted great attention on social media, praise for Elçin Sangu became the topic of the agenda with thousands of messages.

“This scene is no ordinary scene. It’s not every actor’s job to make a mood (pain, sadness, regret) feel so good. Elçin played wonderfully.”

Fans who saw Elçin Sangu on this stage started a shower of praise on social media by posting one after another.

The followers of the series, who state that they respect the actors who enliven such scenes and add believability, draw attention to the high believability of the scene by saying, “Elçin has done it seriously.”