Emotional celebration from Eda Ece to Şevval Sam
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26 March 2023 00:26


Emotional celebration from Eda Ece to Şevval Sam

Şevval Sam and Eda Ece, who played together in the Forbidden Fruit series, are two famous names that attract attention with their friendship. Although Yıldız and Ender are constantly digging each other’s wells in the series, they are very good friends in real life. The two actress’, who came together frequently outside of filming, also occasionally went to London before the pandemic.

Eda Ece praises Şevval Sam’s friendship and humanity at every opportunity, while Şevval Sam uses similar terms for Eda Ece. The two famous names, who meet outside together from time to time, share their pleasant moments on social media.

This behind-the-scenes friendship is the kind that rarely appears in the world of celebrities. Eda Ece drew attention to Şevval Sam’s birthday celebration on her Instagram account and praised Şevval Sam again.

Eda Ece also greeted Şevval Sam’s mother, Artist Leman Sam, and wrote the note, “Thank you Leman for giving birth to our Şevval”.

Ece praised Şevval Sam with the words “The best heart, the most animal lover, the most natural lover, the most beautiful woman who came to this world, my blessings, happy birthday”.

Here is the sharing of Eda Ece:

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