Emotional farewell from Mr. Wrong series crew!
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2 December 2022 05:22


Emotional farewell from Mr. Wrong series crew!

The fact that Mr. Wrong will be final as of episode 14 not only upset the audience but also the actors. In fact, there are signs that the final decision is not expected so quickly on the set.

The team was happily shooting. Although the ratings were low, Fox TV was expected to give a chance to the series for a while, especially considering abroad. It should also be noted that the 14th final episode was not shot with the thought that it would be the final.

The trailer for the 14th episode of the Mr. Wrong series was already released as a new episode, and then Fox TV decided to make the final decision… So the final decision of the Mr. Wrong series was a surprise for the team, also for the audience …

Mr. Wrong, who brought together Özge Gürel and Can Yaman on the set for the second time, will say goodbye on Friday evening. The team finished by shooting the last scenes. It was up to Can Yaman to broadcast the farewell pose of the TV series Mr. Wrong.

goodbye ?

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