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12 August 2022 23:10


Emre Kınay found the role he was looking for with the series Tozluyaka!

Emre Kınay appears in front of the audience with the character of Kenan in the series Tozluyaka, which is broadcast on Fox TV on Monday evenings during the summer season. Emre Kınay, who gives life to a tough man in the series whose first two episodes are left behind, is also pleased to be involved in a project where the troubles of the Z generation are told and today’s youth can empathize.

Emre Kınay also appeared in the TV series Son Nefesime Kadar (My Last Breath), which was broadcast on Fox TV, but lasted only five episodes. The actor, whom we watched as Şerif in Ramo in 2021, continues to appear before the audience as a name that adds value to projects for many years.

The series, which tells the relationship of young people from two different classes with and without the opportunity, has many aspects that touch today’s world.

Speaking about the series Tozluyaka, Emre Kınay said, “We are preparing something that has high conflict, many unknowns, that the audience will look forward to what will happen next week, while loving and owning the main characters and watching what will happen to him today.”

A series of Tozluyaka, where the members of the Z generation are exposed to a problem and how each class reacts. Emre Kınay stated that he was in a series that sheds light on the interactions of adults with young people during these processes.

Emre Kınay, who also explained why he wanted to take part in the Tozluyaka series with these aspects, also explained the character of Kenan with the following words:

“I am playing Kenan. Kenan is very tough, the owner of the school, strong due to family ties, he came up from scratch. But he also has problems with where he came from, with himself and his environment.”

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