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18 August 2022 18:49


The countdown to the set has begun in Behzat Ç, who delighted its fans with its arrival!

Behzat Ç, one of the legendary TV series in Turkish television history, returns once again. The new episodes of the unforgettable series will soon meet with the audience on BluTV. The series, whose preparations continue at full throttle, is very close to the set.

Preparations have come to the final stage in the series called Çekiç ve Gül: Behzat Ç Hikayesi (Hammer and Rose: A Behzat Ç Story), which creates great happiness with its return and is eagerly awaited.

The old and new actors of the series came together at the reading rehearsal. The photos shared from the rehearsal greatly increased the excitement. Now it’s time for the crew to hit the set.

The Behzat Ç series attracted a lot of attention when it was first broadcast, but as a result of some details in the story causing discomfort, although it was very popular, it was discontinued. However, Behzat Ç was never forgotten. Seeing this as an opportunity, Blu TV made a comeback in 2019.

However, the return of Behzat Ç was not exactly as expected due to script problems. Everyone was upset that Erdal Beşikçioğlu did not want to continue by highlighting these scenario problems. But now a new era begins.

The story of the extraordinary police Behzat and his men is getting ready to meet with the audience once again on BluTV. Almost the same staff. The most important shortcoming in the new staff was Fatih Artman, who played the character of Harun.

However, it turns out that new names have been added to the roster. One of these names has been revealed recently. Burak Dakak, one of the successful names of the young generation, is now in the staff of Behzat Ç.

In the new original content called Behzat Ç, master actor Erdal Beşikçioğlu will once again appear in front of the camera with the character of Behzat Ç.

The shooting of Behzat Ç, which has become the number one agenda of social media with its first announcement, will begin in the coming days. The series will be shot in eight episodes.

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