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6 July 2022 14:09


Emre Kıvılcım has a new task for the historical series that does not attract much attention in Turkey!

It was decided to shoot the second season of the Bozkır Arslanı Celaleddin series, which was prepared to be broadcast in Uzbekistan and attracted great attention in this country. Prepared by Bozdağ Film in cooperation with Turkish and Özberk actors, the 13-episode first season of the series did not attract enough attention in Turkey.

The Bozkır Arslanı Celaleddin series, which ATV started to broadcast towards the end of the last season but did not show after the 7th episode, attracted the attention most with its highlighting of Emre Kıvılcım.

The series, in which the life of Celaleddin Harzemşah is told, takes place in the 1200s… Let’s say that the series was shot after an important preparation on a very wide plateau with costumes, decor and accessories suitable for that period. Emre Kıvılcım gave a very good performance as the leading actor of this influential story.

Emre Kıvılcım successfully portrayed the character of Celaleddin Harzemşah. The fact that the series, which was also broadcast in Central Asian countries, attracted great attention, was also effective in the recognition of the young actor.

The actor, who was born in Malatya in 1991, attracted attention with the character of Selim in the TV series Elif. After Adı Zehra series, the actor made a big break with the Bozkır Arslanı Celaleddin TV series, and recently took part in the Hayaller ve Hayatlar (Dreams and Lives) series.

After the first season consisting of 13 episodes, Emre Kıvılcım has now started to prepare for the second season with 13 episodes.

Bozdag Film, the producer of Diriliş Ertuğrul and Kuruluş Osman series, has started the preliminary preparations for the second season of the series.

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