Engin Akyürek is officially making a splash in Disney Plus's Escape series! The comments of the viewers are remarkable!
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7 October 2022 09:41


Engin Akyürek is officially making a splash in Disney Plus’s Escape series! The comments of the viewers are remarkable!

Engin Akyürek is a name that makes you talk about his acting in every production he takes part in. The actor, who is admired for his performance in the TV series every time he comes to the screen, is a successful name. He is an actor whose reputation exceeds the borders of Turkey after the TV series he played were shown abroad. The actor, who comes to the agenda with his job other than his private life and is highly appreciated for everything he does, is currently on the agenda with the TV series Escape (Kaçış).

In the TV series Escape, which is the first domestic series of Disney Plus, which opened on June 14, the actor not only plays the leading role, but also stands out as the person who wrote the story. He gives life to Mehmet, the War Reporter, who is the hero of his own story.

The Escape series, in which he took the leading role with İrem Helvacıoğlu, was shot in Gaziantep last year. As the first original series of Disney Plus shot in Turkey, Escape is followed with interest by the subscribers of the platform. Disney Plus preferred to broadcast the 8-episode series one by one instead of broadcasting the entire series.

In the Escape series, which has 5 episodes, the story is appreciated with excitement, action-packed scenes and acting.

Engin Akyürek is at the forefront as the main character of the story. The actor, whom the audience admires in every episode with his performance, makes you cry!

The viewers of the series, whose 5th episode aired on July 13, again encountered scenes with high excitement and action. Engin Akyürek’s performance, on the other hand, receives separate praise on social media.

The comments made by the viewers are remarkable. Incoming messages are mostly for scenes with high emotional intensity.

Along with the positive comments about the series, the audience is lauding for Engin Akyürek’s performance in Escape. The viewers, who expressed that they liked the 5th episode very much, managed to bring Engin Akyürek to the twitter agenda with their comments!

Excitement is at its peak for the series with the last 3 episodes left! Meanwhile, Engin Akyürek fans insistently express a wish while the series continues. They often share the view that Akyürek should be nominated for an Emmy Awards for her performance in the TV series Escape.

It is not known whether these wishes will come true, but Engin Akyürek is being watched again thanks to Disney Plus in many countries where he has already gained a great reputation. With the subscribers of the platform watching the series, Engin Akyürek’s name is heard even more in the world.

Meanwhile, the Escape series is also achieving new successes! Escape, the first episode of which was published on June 14, the day Disney Plus first opened, managed to surpass many of its strong competitors on the platform!

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