Engin Akyürek's image has changed a lot after the Sefirin Kızı TV series!
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7 December 2022 15:02


Engin Akyürek’s image has changed a lot after the Sefirin Kızı TV series!

Famous actor Engin Akyürek took the lead role in the Star TV series called Sefirin Kızı for two seasons. The actor, who first partnered with Neslihan Atagül in the 52-episode series, partnered with Tuba Büyüküstün after his friend left in January due to health problems.

Engin Akyürek has made millions of fans happy and received great support with his successful performance in the Sefirin Kızı series. The actor, who made another surprise by opening his Instagram account in April, keeps interacting with his followers by sharing from time to time.

The actor, who rarely shared, took part in the shooting of the movie “Yolun Açık Olsun”, in which he played the leading role with Tolga Sarıtaş at the beginning of July.

In addition to the shootings, the actor occasionally publishes holiday poses… Engin Akyürek, who shared his images while swimming with fish in the sea the previous month, presented his latest image to his followers yesterday.

The new image of the actor, who changed a lot after the Sefirin Kızı series, surprised his fans. Engin Akyürek, who cut the beard and mustache and had his hair cut in a different model, looked much younger than he was in the series.

Celebrating the holidays of his followers with the note “Happy Holidays”, the actor received over 125 thousand likes. While his fans congratulated Engin Akyürek, they left comments stating that they liked his new image as well.

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