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22 May 2022 05:55


Engin Akyürek’s success is a great pride for Turkey!

There is one month left until the opening of Disney Plus, which has been carrying out very aggressive preparations in Turkey for almost a year and has come with very ambitious names, on June 14. The excitement is at its peak. In a statement made yesterday, it was stated that the platform will open with the Kaçış (Escape) series starring Engin Akyürek and İrem Helvacıoğlu.

Having made a deal with Turkey’s biggest stars so far, Disney Plus will welcome its audience in Turkey on June 14. Disney Plus Turkey’s social media account shared yesterday, the first day of the platform, the Escape series will meet with the audience.

The fact that Engin Akyürek is the first person to open for Turkey on a world-renowned digital platform is a source of great pride and the fans of the actor are also very pleased with this situation. You can see many posts describing this satisfaction on social media.

It was announced that the Escape series will be broadcast on June 14, together with its poster. Along with the poster on social media, the sentence “You can’t escape your own story” was written. When the poster was published, the excitement of those waiting for the series increased one more time.

Fans of Engin Akyürek are looking forward to the TV series Escape, whose introductions continue to be shared with the audience. The action-packed scenes of the series, which will focus on the suffering in the Middle East, seem to have been shot very successfully, as can be seen from the introductions.

The Escape series, whose story belongs to Engin Akyürek, is an action-packed series about what happened at the border after the war in Syria. The first photos from the series created great excitement and increased the number of people who wanted to become a member of Disney Plus.

Escape; war photographer Mehmet and a group of journalists from different countries; It starts with a visit to a Yazidi village to do research. In the series, the group, who secretly crossed the border, fell into the hands of a radical terrorist organization as a result of a raid, and then the dramas, changes and escape stories are told with an exciting language.

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