Engin Hepileri, how right about My Home My Destiny series!
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4 February 2023 08:35


Engin Hepileri, how right about My Home My Destiny series!

One of the beloved productions of 2020 was the My Home My Destiny series. Fewer episodes were released due to the pandemic, but viewers loved this production. The name of the series starring İbrahim Çelikkol, Demet Özdemir and Engin Hepileri also attracts attention.

“The house where you were born has an important place in your destiny.” This is an important message the series gives to the audience… But how true is this philosophy? So is our home destiny where we were born? Or should it be like this?

It showed that it would be an effective production with the series ratings published on TV8 screen. Demet Özdemir’s success in the drama project was appreciated. İbrahim Çelikkol did his job in the best way as usual and won the hearts.

Another name of the series, Engin Hepileri, successfully reflected the feelings of a man with a Faruk character on the screen. In his interview with the newspaper Posta, Engin Hepileri said, “Do you think our home destiny we were born in? How decisive are we in the elections we make? ” answered the question.

The actor’s answer to this question was how the next episodes of the series should be. Engin Hepileri made these words independent of the script, but he was right until the end.

Here are those words: “This is a question that changes according to the person. I think your personality is decisive. Of course, one should not forget where he came from, but he should not count where he is. You must have a goal. You have to imagine where to see yourself in 10 years and, more importantly, the house and life where your children were born, you have to plan and work for it. Of course, it is not easy, life does not treat everyone fairly. But hoping is always half the time to do it. ”

It is also an important detail that the series is inspired by a real story. Engin Hepileri states that the things that can not be said exist in real life and draws attention with the following words:

Is it more enjoyable for the actor to play a story with experience or a good fiction?

“The feedback the character gives to the player determines this situation. Sometimes a real story can be more interesting and unimaginable than fiction. In our story, there are many things to say, “Come on, dear, things don’t happen in real life.” But it happened. This is a more surprising and compelling story than a fiction. ”

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