Our Story, Forbidden Fruit and Woman TV series did a great job!
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26 November 2022 19:59


Our Story, Forbidden Fruit and Woman TV series did a great job!

The 3-season series of Woman was adapted from the Japanese original but has been sold to many countries around the world. Adaptation draws attention as the general feature of Turkish TV series, spreading to more countries than original projects and being accepted more quickly in different cultures.

At this point, it is necessary to open parentheses for Our Story series adapted from the British Shameless series. Shameless, which was also adapted to the USA after the British original, was shown in less countries than the Turkish version of Our Story.

Our Stor proved to be impressive by the Turkish series by showing success in many different countries. The leading actor of the series, Hazal Kaya, drew attention to this detail and reminded that Shameless’s original adaptation, not Turkish, has managed to spread to the world.

Fox TV’s Woman and Forbidden Fruit series, which are experiencing the same situation, are also eye-catching.

The surprising thing is that our series have the same effect in countries with very different cultures… Now the Woman and Forbidden Fruit series have a big task. Because these two series were sold to Vietnam from South Asian countries…

Turkish series in a very different culture with Asian countries from Turkey are known to previously published. However, it is a very important success that both Woman and Forbidden Fruit series will be broadcast on the VTV channel in a country like Vietnam where we have no similarities.

The Woman and Forbidden Fruit series, distributed by Calinos Entertainment, will start airing in Vietnam in the coming days. The increase in sales during the pandemic period was also an important detail for our series, which are also shown in different countries.

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