Series News Enis Arıkan cried a lot for Burcu Biricik while those scenes of The Camdaki Kız were filmed!

Enis Arıkan cried a lot for Burcu Biricik while those scenes of The Camdaki Kız were filmed!


Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Glass) will give the audience exciting moments with its 58th episode in the new week… The trailer of the series, which will be broadcast on Thursday, 24 November, came to the screen.

After Cana tells that she is pregnant with Sedat, Nalan is running to her new life as if she was freed from her chains! Nalan, who has improved her relationship with Hayri but cannot get rid of the environment she is in, will finally declare her freedom!

Nalan, who will use Cana’s pregnancy to her advantage, is playing a big game! Nalan, who went home and slapped Sedat and left the house, saying that she hid it in case the whole family knew everything, is actually happy for what happened inside!

But Nalan, who pretends to be disappointed by playing a big game to everyone, will rise to the top with a smart move without missing the biggest opportunity of her life! We will see if Nalan, who left the house, will live her life happily with Hayri in the following episodes, but there is an episode that melts everyone’s fat!

By the way, Burcu Biricik reflects these changes and transformations of Nalan so well that she plays with great mastery the mood swings that laugh while crying, burst into laughter while laughing, and mix all her emotions with the shock she experienced!

Even the short scenes in the trailer have already been eagerly awaited by the audience!

Biricik’s highly acclaimed acting is already receiving praise for her performance in the new episode. Enis Arıkan conveys that the shooting of the scenes we briefly saw in the trailer did not go that easily!

Enis Arıkan, who gave life to the character of Muzaffer in the series, shares on his Instagram account that his co-star Burcu Biricik could not hold back her tears while shooting these scenes.

Enis Arıkan said, “I cried a lot for Burcu while these scenes were being shot. You will understand when you watch it” and gives the tip from the front!

Announcing the arrival of very impressive and shocking scenes, Enis Arıkan said that she cried to Burcu Biricik during the shootings on the set, which also explains that the actress gave difficult performances in very difficult scenes!