Artists News Erdem Şanlı and Lilya İrem Salman gave important tips about the Ateş Kuşları series!

Erdem Şanlı and Lilya İrem Salman gave important tips about the Ateş Kuşları series!


Lilya İrem Salman and Erdem Şanlı, who portray the characters Hüma and Zıpkın in the Ateş Kuşları (Firebirds) series broadcast on ATV screens on Friday evenings, are moving step by step towards becoming an impressive TV series couple.

Both young actors answered questions from social media. Lilya İrem Salman was very happy when she first read the character of Hüma. The actress said, “I said, I came, I was excited and very happy.”

Erdem Şanlı said that when he read the scene where Hüma and Zıpkın first met in the story, he felt that it would be a very pleasant love.

“I understood that it would be a joyful love story and that it would touch people well. That’s why I liked it so much. What kind of love can emerge from Hüma’s purity and Zıpkın’s neighborhood culture? I was very curious about him. So I was very excited too.”

The two young actors showed themselves in this program where they got along well with each other. Stating that the most beautiful loves start with a fight, Erdem Şanlı stated that the love between Zıpkın and Hüma characters will start with a nice fight, and it is understood that there will be important developments between these two in the following sections.

Erdem Şanlı expressed the important information about what will happen between Hüma and Zıpkın with the following words:

“Secrets will be revealed. Things will grow and emerge. How will Hüma’s trust in Zıpkın be? Because Hüma also feels something. It can be broken when the events unfold, how will it be recovered? Will they be able to speak frankly and explain themselves? So I wonder if a love will begin?”

Innocence, excitement and purity were the first words that came to mind for both Hüma and Zıpkın.