Series News Erkan Petekkaya is back on the set for a new series!

Erkan Petekkaya is back on the set for a new series!

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After special series such as Mevlana and Akif, the shooting of the production called Son Gün (Last Day), which is being prepared for TRT Digital, has also started. In the 8-episode digital series, 8 famous actors will take the leading roles and a character’s story will be told in each episode.

As the name of the Son Gün series suggests, the audience will be told what a person goes through on their last day. Erkan Petekkaya is also present in the series, which will tell the adventure of 8 different characters on the day of death.

Erkan Petekkaya, who is on the screen again this season with the TV series Sana Söz and Kırmızı Oda (Red Room), went back to the TV set after resting for a while. The actor, who was on the set for the shooting of the TV series Son Gün, denied the false news about his with the sharing he made.

It was understood that the actor, who allegedly had a heart attack, only had the flu and did not have any other health problems.

Erkan Petekkaya, who shared his situation with his Instagram account, showed his followers both the environment in the Son Gün series set.

The actor said, “As you can see, I’m on the bloody, live set. That’s fake news, I didn’t have a heart attack or anything. As you can see, I am working.”

Agreements were also made with the producer of the new series Son Gün, Gold Film, and famous names. Besides Erkan Petekkaya; Uğur Yücel, Nazan Kesal, Necip Memili, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Serhat Kılıç and Yasemin Allen will also stand out as the names that will appear in the series.