Erkenci Kuş winds blew in the series Senden Daha Güzel
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1 February 2023 12:09


Erkenci Kuş winds blew in the series Senden Daha Güzel

Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) series, when it started to be broadcast in June 2018, gained great acclaim in a short time and was talked about especially with Can Yaman’s muscles. The romantic comedy series, starring Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman, said goodbye to the screen in August 2019. The series, which was a turning point in the careers of the two leading roles, attracted great attention abroad, and even helped Can Yaman make a series of agreements that would allow him to settle in Italy.

Aslı Zengin and Banu Zengin wrote the script of the TV series signed by Gold Film. The series, which also won the Best Romantic Comedy Series award at the 45th Golden Butterfly Awards, is still remembered. The series, whose repetitions were watched with interest, became one of the most popular productions among romantic comedy series.

At that time, it was a process where Can Yaman changed his image for the series. The actor was last on the screen with the Dolunay (Full Moon( series, and after 5 months, he returned to the screen with the Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird).

However, this turn was one that took everyone by surprise. Because, during this time, the actor increased his muscles thoroughly with hard sports work, lengthened his hair, and went before the camera as a more shabby, original style character for the character of Can Divit in the series.

His image was strengthened with necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, as well as clothes specially prepared for the character. The actor, who gained great acclaim with this image, also increased the number of fans abroad.

In order to show the Albatross bird tattoo, which was drawn on Can Yaman’s muscular body and harmonized with the story in the series, the actor often appeared in the scenes naked. After a while, this situation even caused criticism.

This muscle issue in the Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) series also appears in different series from time to time. A similar situation occurred in Fox TV’s new summer series, Senden Daha Güzel (More Beautiful than You), which came to the screen with its first episode on Tuesday evening. This time, Burak Çelik, with his steel-like muscles, put on a show for the audience on the screen!

These states of the actress, who starred with Cemre Baysel, inevitably caused references to the scenes where Can Yaman is famous for his muscles in the Erkenci Kuş series! The issue was also discussed on social media. Some viewers even stated in their comments that they found the prolongation of these scenes repulsive.

This time, the audience seems to have reacted to this muscle show issue, which is talked about when it is used to increase the rating! The viewers, who were disturbed by these scenes, which are now constantly caught in their eyes, involuntarily objected to these scenes in the first episode of the TV series Senden Daha Güzel.

Some social media users, who watched the series written by Ayşe Üner Kutlu, the screenwriter of Sen Çal Kapımı (Love is in the Air), expressed the messages that a new Can Yaman is being created.

The character played by Burak Çelik in Senden Daha Güzel is a handsome, hopeless character, like the character played by Can Yaman, and a character too flirtatious to not even remember the name of the woman he was with the night before. As such, he was likened to the character of Can Divit in Erkenci Kuş by the audience.

Of course, the comments on the series are not just these criticisms. The return of Cemre Baysel, who received great acclaim with the Baht Oynu, was greeted with excitement by the audience.

The series was also appreciated by many viewers. Although some viewers commented on the cliché, the on-screen harmony of Burak Çelik and Cemre Baysel was appreciated.

Despite the criticisms, it is understood that we will talk a lot about the series Senden Daha Güzel and the leading roles of this series this summer.

Produced by Gold Film, produced by Faruk Turgut and directed by Ketche, the series tells the love of a dermatologist from Gaziantep and a very handsome and arrogant plastic surgeon from Istanbul.

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