Esengül Aypek's Kaderimin Oyunu has opened a great window of opportunity!
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30 September 2022 22:20


Esengül Aypek’s Kaderimin Oyunu has opened a great window of opportunity!

Esengül Aypek, who has been acting since 2015, could not take part in strong cadres and effective stories due to her long duration in the daily series.

The actress, who participated in the TV series “Kaderimin Oyunu” with the character of Zuhal, will partner with the character of Mahir, played by Sarp Apak, which is understood from the scenario. It is not known where Zuhal and Mahir characters will go in the story, but we can say that this series is a great opportunity for Esengül Aypek.

The first signal that Mahir and Zuhal characters would be compatible was given with the scenes in the 11th episode.

The actress, who adds color to the story with her beauty and energy, will also make good use of the opportunity to showcase her talents.

Esengül Aypek, who has joined the main cast of the series since the 11th episode aired on March 4, will cause the story to drift to a very different point.

The team is very relaxed as The Kaderimin Oyunu has been approved for a second season. Even if the ratings are down, morale is good right now. The decline continued in AB and ABC1, although the series achieved near-average ratings in the all-person category.

The ratings for the Kaderimin Oyunu may not be a problem for now, and the performances of the players will stand out more. Esengül Aypek was one of the people who used this opportunity. Kaderimin Oyunu opened a great window of opportunity at the point of transition to series with strong stories and cadres on behalf of the actress.

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