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18 May 2022 13:44


She lost both in love and in the series, but Hande Doğandemir is dazzling with her sparkle!

Famous actress Hande Doğandemir is one of the very few actresses who can do both theater, serial and cinema at the same time… Many famous names do not want to be in these three fields due to the intensity. Hande Doğandemir, on the other hand, runs from project to project and improves herself by taking part in plays that enchant her fans on the stage.

The actress, who was criticized for being overweight for a while, responded to those who made these criticisms with her poses in the Wardrobe Magazine. The actress has been on the agenda both with love and with the series lately… Having a short meeting with Onur Tuna in her love life, the actress could not find happiness again. The short duration of this love also surprised the fans.

Hande Doğandemir, who shared the lead role with Kutsi in the TV series “Annemizi Saklarken” broadcast on Star TV, was unfortunate that this production only lasted eight episodes due to the low ratings. The actress could not continue for a long time, despite the fact that she performed very well and was happy to be in a different story.

The actress, who dazzled her fans on social media with her pleasant poses reflected in the Wardrobe Magazine, also reflected her beauty and fit.

Acting on the fact that we only have one life, the actress cares about living in the moment… Hande Doğnademir, who is affected by energy, quantum and healing issues, is also involved in projects to make positive changes in people’s lives.

The actress, who is expected to take part in an independent movie, also managed to fascinate her fans with her beauty.

While the fans of Hande Doğandemir are eagerly waiting for the projects she will do for 2022, she very much wants her to be in a series again. The actress, who has improved herself a lot in acting, which she has been doing for many years, is among the names that can be memorable by showing strong performances.

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