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5 July 2022 10:51


Even the possibility of Ilgaz being punished in the Yargı series is enough to make Ceylin uneasy.

Kanal D’s ambitious production of the new season, Yargı, starring Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz, will meet with the screens on Sunday with a breathless episode.

In the 18th episode, Engin’s murderer appeared in the eyes of the audience, and it was understood that the long-haired person was Niyazi in the criminal police laboratory. But Niyazi, who was walking around freely, made a plan this time to obscure the evidence. The match between the hair sample found at the murder scene and the test result of Ilgaz created a question mark in mind.

The second introduction to Chapter 19 of the Yargı has also been published. In their first promotion, Ilgaz and Ceylin were in shock when they learned that the hair inside the glove and the sample taken from Ilgaz matched. While Ceylin, who had raided Yekta’s office, which she thought was confusing something, could not hide her anger, the tempo was rising when Ceylin asked Yekta for an account.

In the second promotion, Yekta does her best to lure Prosecutor Pars and make Ilgaz a reasonable suspect. Even the fear that the man she fell in love with about the glove at the crime scene may be punished is enough to make Ceylin uneasy. Yekta sees her driver comforting her wife during the funeral. The love between Ceylin and Ilgaz grows exponentially with each passing day, but Ceylin’s fears continue and she tells this to Ilgaz: “You heal my wounds like this, I hope you don’t leave me, like my father…”

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