Artists News Everyone misunderstood Hazal Kaya’s “I’m unconscious at home” message!

Everyone misunderstood Hazal Kaya’s “I’m unconscious at home” message!


Famous actress Hazal Kaya is pregnant with her second child. The actress, who also frequently uses social media, shared the phrase “I’m unconscious at home” and worried all her fans and fans.

Those who were wondering what happened to the actress who was 3 months pregnant were very upset. While Hazal Kaya stated that this message was misunderstood, it turned out that her close friend Selin Şekerci was also experiencing great panic.

Announcing that she was in a period when she was physically overstretched with her Instagram account, the actress said, “There was a serious limit to what I could handle psychologically. In addition, I am either unconscious at home or trying to survive on the set with 9 to 3 blood pressure,” she said, worrying everyone.

Everyone misunderstood Hazal Kaya's "I'm unconscious at home" message! 7

Hazal Kaya, who came to Melike Şahin’s concert with Selin Şekerci, said that she had a low blood pressure problem and that everyone misunderstood the message.

Stating that she brought pickle juice with her at the concert, the actress took precautions against a decrease in blood pressure and spoke as follows when asked by reporters:

“I’m fine, Selin also misunderstood. I didn’t mean to say that I was very sick. Of course from the heat. Then I will share it on Instagram. I won’t tell anyone. It was a period when I was really physically challenged. I’ll tell you why later. It was as if I had vanished into thin air all of a sudden, and when people texted ‘are you okay’, I wanted to say that I am physically distressed, my blood pressure is dropping.”

Selin Şekerci stated that she was surprised by her close friend’s sharing and that she thought she had a problem, adding that everyone’s misunderstanding of the situation also applies to her.