Everything is confused in the Camdaki Kız series, no one can get out of it!
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2 February 2023 20:28


Everything is confused in the Camdaki Kız series, no one can get out of it!

Camdaki Kız series, broadcast on Kanal D, continues to attract the attention of the audience with its magnificent episodes on Thursday evenings. Important details have emerged for the audience who are eagerly waiting for the 22nd episode of the series.

Feride is aware of Adil’s change. Cana, on the other hand, is advancing step by step towards her goal. Nalan is catching Adil and Cana! You will watch the moments when Nalan, who made a sudden raid, is also very close to learning the family secret.

On the other hand, the Koroglu family was confused. While Sedat is trying to cover up some facts, the Koroğlu family is in chaos. Nalan, on the other hand, encounters such a situation that she is shocked by what she sees! Things will get so complicated in the series that no one will be able to get involved.

What will Feride do about getting closer to Adil and Cana? The answer to this question is eagerly awaited. Feride will faint at home and Nalan will panic.

A page is closing for the character of Hayri in the series. No. He wants to cut off his contact with the Koroglu family.

There will also be interesting events between Melisa and Sedat. Muzo, on the other hand, will follow his own path by making a different plan.

Camdaki Kız is on Kanal D with its new episode on Thursday at 20.00!

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