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3 July 2022 20:45


Everything is good in the Elbet Bir Gün series, but the big deficiency still continues!.

You will watch Sinem Ünsal on the screen again in the Fox TV series Elbet Bir Gün. The actress, who won the hearts as Nazli in the Mucize Doktor series, gained great popularity with this successful project for two seasons.

Thanks to this popularity, Sinem Ünsal had no trouble finding her new series and will be on the screen with a strong drama production on Fox TV. Sinem Ünsal, who will share the lead role with Şebnem Bozoklu, has not yet appeared in the series.

Elbet Bir Gün will be on the set soon as the impressive story of two sisters and the work will begin. However, despite two or three weeks of filming, the leading male actor has not been found yet. Negotiations with some names are ongoing by Most Production. However, no result was obtained. Due to the short time left for the shooting, a new development is expected for the character of Mehmet very soon.

After Muhammet Uzuner, Ulvi Kahyaoğlu also participated in the series “Elbet Bir Gün”, which is considered to be one of the impressive productions of the new season.

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