Everything turned upside down in the Yargı knee, here's a new problem, a new confrontation!
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3 February 2023 17:10


Everything turned upside down in the Yargı knee, here’s a new problem, a new confrontation!

The success of Yargı (Judgment), which is one of the TV series that attracts great attention with its exciting story on Sunday evenings, is increasing exponentially.

It should be said that together with Sema Ergenekon’s approach that highlights the element of curiosity in story writing, the series Yargı is a project that offers very important lessons to the sector.

While the fans of the series, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, are eagerly waiting for each new episode, the surprises never end.

The fans of the series, who were surprised by the reverse corners of the screenwriter in the story, are very pleased with the course of the Judgment, which they watched in the mood of “Let’s see what kind of surprise will happen this week”.

A family problem in the new episode of the series and the situation Ceylin and Ilgaz will fall into will make the new episode even more colorful.

The exciting introduction of the new episode of Yargı by Ay Yapım met with the audience. As the evidence for Serdar’s murder begins to emerge, Ilgaz and Ceylin have to face a new family problem.

After the 45th episode, which ended with the bullet trace that Ilgaz saw at the place where Çınar and the girls were at the time of the murder, the curious trailer of the new episode was released.

Ilgaz, who does not know what to do, falls into a great obscurity because the arrows in the evidence he found about the murder were pointing to his family.

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