Artists News Glamorous celebration from the beautiful actress Nesrin Cavadzade!

Glamorous celebration from the beautiful actress Nesrin Cavadzade!


In addition to her acting, actress Nesrin Cavadzade, who is frequently on the agenda with her private life and social media posts, appeared on the screens with the latest Show TV series Üç Kuruş.

The actress, who took a break from the screens for a while after the finale of the series, is now experiencing the excitement of the promotional film of the jewelry company, of which she is the brand face. The actress also shared her excitement with her followers with the photos she shared on her Instagram account.

In the sharing of the actress who went before the lens at the Çırağan Palace; “Yes, I had photos taken in every corner of the Çırağan Palace, because today was my day! I’m so excited for tomorrow! My mood is like in the last two frames,” she wrote.

Nesrin Cavadzade, who shared her photos from the moments she celebrated by popping champagne, also attracted attention with her style and perfect physique.

Combining her white off-the-shoulder mini skirt with black fishnet stockings, the beautiful actress received praise from her fans for her elegance and beauty.

Photographs of Nesrin Cavadzade, who came before the lens with the eye-catching jewels of the brand she is the face of, received thousands of likes and comments in a short time on her Instagram account, which has 3 million followers.