There is such a role in Nesrin Cavadzade's dream that everyone's mind remains in that role!
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3 February 2023 17:11


There is such a role in Nesrin Cavadzade’s dream that everyone’s mind remains in that role!

Famous actress Nesrin Cavadzade appeared on the screen with the project named Üç Kuruş after the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series. The actress, whose character Şahika in Yasak Elma is remembered, has been evaluating the project proposals that have come to her for a while.

The actress, whose fans were wondering when she would return to the drama sets, made a long-term deal with a jewelry brand.

The actress, who is the promotional face of the brand, will start to appear on television with her advertisements. Nesrin Cavadzade also announced that there were various offers that came to her in addition to her advertising work.

The famous actress is in the evaluation phase to take part in projects again upon the expectations of her fans.

Cavadzade said, “We have offers. When it becomes clear, you will already know, nothing has been clarified yet, but there are scenarios that we read with great pleasure.”

Having scenarios that the famous actress likes and making plans on it also means that she is willing to return to the sets.

Nesrin Cavadzede, the person she wants to revive her life is Mata Hari, known as a Dutch singer and spy…

Mata Hari, who allegedly worked for the German state during World War I, was shot dead at the age of 41.

Nesrin Cavadzade expressed why she wanted to revive this historical personality with these words: “I would like to play Mata Hari. Being an agent, being able to dance, speaking a lot of languages.”

Expressing that she can portray this character very well and that this role would suit her, Cavadzade also sent a message to the producers.

Explaining that she also likes slightly opposite roles and that she is looking for such roles, the actress may return to the screen with a similar role in her new project.

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