Her role in The Teşkilat is over, she has a condition for new projects!
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3 February 2023 16:51


Her role in The Teşkilat is over, she has a condition for new projects!

Young actress Ezgi Şenler was one of the leading roles in the first two seasons of the TRT1 TV series Teşkilat (Organization). Except for Deniz Baysal, all the leading actors of the series left the story as of the second season.

Ezgi Şenler also gave a very successful performance in the Teşkilat, which continued on its way with a completely different staff in the third season.

Ezgi Şenler, who took part in the shootings in Ankara in the first two seasons of the series, which affected millions of viewers, gained an important experience. Şenler, who is from Ankara and continues to live here with her family, said that when she had job interviews, she went to Istanbul and came back again.

In 2016, the actress stepped on the sets with the character of Aslı in the Bodrum Masalı series; She appeared in the series Nefes Nefese, Canevim, Çatı Katı Ask and finally The Teşkilat. The actress, who is also in the cast of some movies, continues her negotiations on new projects.

Ezgi Şenler said, “The Teşkilat was filming in Ankara, I finished it. We shot a movie called Serçenin Gözyaşı (Sparrow’s Tear) in Asos in the summer. Filming went well, I’m looking forward to it,” she said.

The actress explained that they shot the movie set in the 1970s in a village environment and that she was very impressed by the region.

Explaining that there is no series she is currently watching on the screen, the actress said that she knows what jobs are on television, but that it is not a project that she constantly follows.

Explaining that there is no distinction between television or digital series, Ezgi Şenler said, “If I like the script, I will accept it in any way.”

Explaining that in addition to the script, the cast is also important when choosing a project for her, Şenler said, “It is also important that I really feel the character. If I love the character, the rest comes.”

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