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12 August 2022 17:27


Everything went fine since the state of the Kara Tahta series turned into a black mark

The developments regarding the finale in the 10th episode of the Kara Tahta (Blackboard) series, broadcast on TRT1 on Wednesday evenings, were perceived as a great danger sign for the public broadcaster. Because if TRT1 did such a thing, it would be no different from private channels.

However, the example published in the past years; TV series such as Dünya Hali, Tövbeler Olsun and Tek Yürek could not reach the good ratings that TRT1 aimed. However, TRT1, which is responsible for being a public broadcaster, did not close its doors to these series and allowed them to remain on the screen for a reasonable period of time.

The succession of such situations brought the behavior of putting TRT1 in a different place in the sector, in the eyes of both the producer, the actor and the audience.

Everyone knows well that a series broadcast on TRT1 will continue for a reasonable time. Of course, it may not be expected to stay on the air for a very long time for each series, but the screen life is not terminated immediately. It was possible that this thought would change with the Kara Tahta series and that a black mark would be put on this image of TRT1 that had formed over the years.

Judging by the new news from the TRT1 front, there is an understanding that the Kara Tahta series will continue. Even if the series starring Miray Daner, Furkan Andıç and Cengiz Bozkurt did not receive very good ratings in the current environment, it would be a wrong step to end it in a way that would damage this strong image that TRT1 has built for years.

It seems that this step has been abandoned for now and there is a thought that the series will continue, at least in the summer period. For the Kara Tahta series, there will be an opportunity to attract the attention of the audience again in this process.

The continuation of the Kara Tahta series on the screen has more significance in terms of the destruction of the image that TRT1 has created for years, rather than whether a series remains on the air.

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