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19 August 2022 05:52


Disney Plus’s Engin Akyürek plan worked, this tactic was so deep and wise!

Famous actor Engin Akyürek has become a highly acclaimed name with his personality traits as well as his performances in the projects he has been involved in so far. There is a reality of Engin Akyürek, who does not want to be on the agenda of the magazine, does not take a step to stand out or to be popular, only focuses on his work and always maintains his modesty.

Although the famous actor has millions of fans and many ardent fans in many countries of the world, he does not take an attitude to turn their energy into an opportunity. He is getting bigger in the eyes of his fans with his sincere and focused personality only on doing his job best.

After Disney Plus’s decision to turn Turkey into a series of production centers, the strategy of launching it with Engin Akyürek’s TV series Kaçış (Escape) can be considered as a reflection of the actor’s world-renowned talents and personality.

With a solid and grounded strategy, Disney Plus brought together famous names and made special deals. However, if you pay attention, this process actually started with Engin Akyürek last year.

While many famous names were not mentioned, platform officials agreed with Engin Akyürek and it was understood that Engin Akyürek was chosen as the Turkey face of Disney Plus, the world’s giant.

In the next period, famous names started to take part in projects for Disney Plus, but it was the TV series Escape, which was promoted in Turkey, that started this process.

Escape is also the first Turkish production of Disney Plus, as well as the strongest step in turning our country into a series of production centers.

It is also necessary to see the fact that Disney Plus, which tries to attract the strong bond that Engin Akyürek has established with his fans so far, to himself with the series Escape, actually implements such a clever tactic.

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