Exaggerated criticism of Yargı series!
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4 February 2023 11:21


Exaggerated criticism of Yargı series!

The TV series “Yargı”, which attracted a lot of attention on Kanal D screens, became one of the new alternative productions on Sunday evenings. Despite the strong stance of the Teşkilat series, which started a very good second season on the TRT1 screen, the rise of Yargı series was also very meaningful.

Kanal D’s new series has a scenario based on law and justice. Sema Ergenekon’s observations at the Courthouse and her experiences after following many cases revealed the story of Yargı series. The fast flow of the series and the liking of the script by the audience provided good ratings.

Kaan Urgancıoğlu was very well suited to the character of Prosecutor Ilgaz. The successful performance of the actor received great praise on social media. Likewise, we can understand that Pınar Deniz is a very good choice from her successful portrayal of the character of Lawyer Ceylin.

Yargı series became one of the most important projects after Sadakatsiz, Camdaki Kız ve Arka Sokaklar on Kanal D. The series’ second place in all categories and its approach to Teşkilat in the ratings showed that it could aim for the first place in the coming weeks.

Especially with Pınar Deniz’s strong output, Yargı series is a very successful production. Sina Koloğlu, one of the writers of Milliyet, who made evaluations about the series, pointed out the importance of the scenario being mysterious.

In his article, Koloğlu also criticized that the discussions in the series “Yargı” are sometimes exaggerated. Here is Sina Koloğlu’s assessment of the new series:

“So who is the murderer?” The question indicates that the script is doing the hiding job well. It is said that “not every scenario will be of this weight”. He’s adept at dispelling doubts, then scattering lightly insane and confusing minds. All eyes are on the lawyer. Pınar Deniz has drawn her frame in a tough-tempered, male-dominated world of police and judiciary, with a defiant character. Sometimes exaggerated overflows do not happen. She can sincerely convey the composition she has drawn in these three parts to the audience.”

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