Expectations are high for the second season of the Yalnız Kurt series!
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1 December 2022 12:25


Expectations are high for the second season of the Yalnız Kurt series!

ATV series named Yalnız Kurt (Lone Wolf) left its first season behind. The ratings for the show were neither bad nor very good. However, it was a very controversial production in terms of the messages it gave. The most striking feature of the Yalnız Kurt series, which tells about some events related to the recent period of Turkey from its own perspective, was that the owner of the project was Osman Sınav.

The famous director and producer Osman Sınav has been working on this series for years and there has been a lot of work on the story. The cast has also been carefully selected. Cihan Ünal once again impressed the audience with his magnificent performance in the Yalnız Kurt TV series.

Hasan Denizyaran, one of the young actors, found a great opportunity as the leading actor and made good use of it. Damla Colbay, whom we watched with the character of Sare, took the lead role in Yalnız Kurt after the successful Hekimoğlu project.

It is stated that Damla Colbay will not be in the series in the second season after the first season. There is no information in the second season of Yalnız Kurt, which also includes influential names such as Murat Han and Kürşat Alnıçık. In other words, it is not known what kind of story order the series will continue, and who will be the new names in the cast.

However, the expectations of the audience are very high. Those who know how important the signature of Osman Sınav in the Yalnız Kurt TV series is, think that the master producer has done a lot of work to highlight the series for the second season.

In the comments on the social media, the fans of the series, who stated that they missed the Yalnız Kurt series very much, believe that the second season will explode. For this, both the scenario should be created much more effectively and the series should be highlighted with new and successful actors.

There will be big changes in the Yalnız Kurt series. Especially in the first season, the audience had difficulty in perceiving some details in the story, and this caused criticism. Now, in a new period, there is a high expectation that the scenario will be simplified.

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