Artists News Eyes looking for BerenSaat

Eyes looking for BerenSaat


What’s Fatmagül’s Crime, Forbidden Love, Revenge, Magnificent Century Kösem such a role in a very ambitious array, Turkey’s worldwide most prominent female stars of Beren Saat long time not around. In the summer of last year, fans of the player who appeared in the news that will take role in the name Gazino want to see it again on the screen.

The disappointment of Kenanİmirzalıoğlu’s life in Mehmed The Conqueror’s series … The failure of KivancTatlıtuğ and TubaBüyüküstün in the ‘Brave and Beautiful’ series that can complete the barely hard season makes BerenSaat think like many players …

Whether he will return to the screen or not, and the fate of the betting casino line is awaited.

She fans are looking forward to watching the famous actress again on the screen.

She is not in the middle of meeting with the family.

The brothers of Kenan and Ozan celebrated the birthday of their sisters Canan Dogulu.

But in this celebration the eyes looked again at Beren.

When KenanDogulu was asked why his wife was not coming, he was silent.

BerenSaat, hope will soon respond to the expectations of your fans!