Ezel | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish Series)
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Ezel | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish Series)

TelevizyonGazetesi.com/Special Analysis – The charisma of Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, the naturalness of Cansu Dere, his poetry that creates a flood of emotion with the magnificent tone of Ramiz. Throughout the hearts, the Ezel series, which puts its heart on the screen with its original subject full of love and revenge, also broke new grounds. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ played for the first time with Kenan İmirzalıoğlu in the series he entered as a guest actor. It has even been compared to the Barcelona-Real Madrid derby with the battle of two famous players.

In the 14th episode, the transfer from Show TV to Atv created an event. The legendary series, which met the audience on the Show TV screens for 14 weeks and broke the records, passed to Atv with a shocking decision. In addition to its master actors, the series attracted great attention with its exciting subject and scenes that return to the past. Ezel is directed by Uluç Bayraktar, while the script was written by Kerem Deren and Pınar Bulut.


Channel: Show TV- ATV

Producer: Ay Yapım-Kerem Çatay

Genre: Drama-Action

Release Date: September 28, 2009 – January 18, 2010 Show TV,

Final Date: January 25, 2010 – June 20, 2011 Atv

Venue: Istanbul

Number of episodes: 71

Duration: 90 minutes

Music: Toygar Işıkli

Starring: Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Cansu Dere

Cast: Yiğit Özşener, Barış Falay, Burçin Terzioğlu, Tuncel Kurtiz, Haluk Bilginer, Bade İşçil, Berrak Tüzünataç, Rıza Kocaoğlu, Sarp Akkaya, Ufuk Bayraktar, Serhat Kılıç


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A hit in Turkey, Ezel has gone on to be a global phenomenon with hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide loving this high-end drama. Ömer, a young man returning from military service, is set up by his friends and fiancé and ends up in prison for ten years. He fakes his own death and manages to escape. He re-creates himself as ‘Ezel’, a high-end gambler who is outwardly a successful man, but inwardly driven by one thing – his determination to understand why the people he loved betrayed him, and take his revenge. Ezel has sold as a ready-made to over 90 countries, enjoying massive success around the world.


His name was Ömer. He was working in a repair shop. He loved a girl named Eyşan. He would marry her and live happily in the slum. He went to the army with hope. When he returned, everything had changed …

Shortly after returning, his lover Eyşan, his best friend Cengiz and brother Ali, robbed a hotel casino, killed a security guard and threw the blame on Ömer. Eyşan did everything for her sick brother Bahar. But Ömer never knew this. Cengiz actually made love for Eyşan, while Ali did it only for money.

Ömerr fell into prison. He met Ramiz, an old bully. Ramiz became his master, friend, companion. He taught him everything he knew. Omer fled prison, after 8 years of struggling with that burning question, ‘why did they do this to me’ with a burning question that chased his mind. With the help of Ramiz, he had an aesthetic operation. He changed his face and voice. Now his name was Ezel. He used what Ramiz taught, folded the capital of Ramiz as a master gambler, and appeared before his old friends with his new identity. To take revenge.

His heart whining, he took everything from his hands one by one. He fell in love with Eyşan and separated him from Cengiz. Eyşan’s brother fell in love with Bahar. He put Cengiz in jail, took his power and casino from Ali’s hand, and left them all free. In every evil he did to them, his heart whimpered a little more. Because Ezel did not give up loving these people, no matter what he did.

Meanwhile, Ramiz got out of jail and joined him. It turns out that there was another reason why Ramiz helped him. Kenan Birkan, Ramiz’s eternal enemy. Kenan wanted to destroy Ramiz’s family, take everything away, and pay the price of the mysterious mistake that Ramiz made him years ago. Kenan Birkan stepped in while Ezel was about to complete his revenge. Eyşan’s brother killed Bahar. He killed Kamil, one of Ezel’s men. Meanwhile, Ezel learned that Eyşan’s son Can was actually from him. His father, who could not reveal his identity to protect his, had a heart attack. In the end, everything became cluttered. As Ezel avenged his enemies, he became a completely different man.

Ezel was a man who had everything but nothing to lose last year. Now he is a man who has nothing but a lot to lose. Because now there is a new quarterback on the table.

Kenan Birkan. The owner of everything. Kenan Birkan is not one that breaks our hearts, but the enemies that make our hearts go.

Despite all his weaknesses last year, Ezel and Ramiz were so strong that it was impossible to deal with them. In this new game we will understand from the very beginning. Whatever they do, it is impossible to beat Kenan Birkan. This time Ezel will fight not for revenge, even for his honor, for his loved ones, even if he cannot win. Kenan Birkan will take all the power he has. Ezel will start from scratch. Now he will find himself once again with his childhood friends who betrayed him. Will they trust them again, forget everything and become a team again? Hard. But Ezel will need them in this war.

The fight between Ramiz and Kenan is also the fight between the old and the new. Quarrel with a man of today, a man of yesterday. And while Ezel is fighting for something else this time, it will be the last hate of that old style today.

The story of the rise of Ramiz and Kenan from the very beginning is in the peculiar rules of the seventies and will be told step by step towards the terrible end of this invincible duo. While watching Ezel’s fight, we will return to those years from the mouth of Ramiz and Kenan. Because everything that is now happened in the past, actually.

The never-ending dark love between Ezel and Eyşan became impossible with Ezel’s inability to forgive Eyşan before. Now Eyşan’s not forgiving Ezel will drag them to both sides of the cliff. But love doesn’t care about cliffs. The people of the two opposite sides will be indispensable to each other this time. Now they both know. The only way to be together is to jump from that cliff at the same time.


The first episodes of the Ezel Series were shot at Kaya Artemis Hotel in Cyprus. Some of the shooting of the series, which became a phenomenon, in Istanbul, was done in Taksim, Balat, Tahtakale. The historical Pierre Loti was also used frequently.


Kenan İmirzalıoğlu-Ezel Bayraktar

Cansu Dere-Eyşan Tezcan

Yiğit Özşener-Cengiz Atay

Barış Falay-Ali Kırgız

Burçin Terzioğlu-Azad Karaeski

Uncle Tuncel Kurtiz-Ramiz

Haluk Bilginer-Kenan Uğurlu

Bade İşçil-Şebnem Sertuna

İpek Bilgin-Meliha Uçar

Beyazıt Gülerca-Mümtaz Uçar

İsmail Filiz-Ömer Uçar

Utku Barış Serma-Can Atay

Hakan Kurtaş-Can Uçar

Berrak Tüzünataç-Bade Uysal

Youth of Ufuk Bayraktar-Ramiz

Cahit Gök-Kenan Uğurlu

Rıza Kocaoğlu-July

Sarp Akkaya-Tevfik Zaim

Levent Can-Kaya

Zeynep Köse-Selma Hünel

Serhat Kılıç-Selim Uğurlu

Nurhan Özenen-Selma Hünel

Taner Turan -Yusuf Eğir

Salih Kalyon -Serdar Tezcan

Hüseyin Soysalan- Hayratlı

Kemal Uçar-Mert Uçar

Burak Dakak- Mert’s childhood.

Kivanc Tatlıtuğ-Sekiz

Sedef Avcı-Bahar Tezcan

Güray Kip-Kamil Çalıca

Yağız Atakan Savaş-Eren Karaçam

Bengü Benian-Nükhet Özbağ


From the unforgettable scenes of Ezel, Romantic moments of Ezel and Eyşan …

Kenan İmirzalıoğlu performed the song “Karadır Kaşların” on the Bosphorus Bridge. The actor appeared for the first time with his lovers with his song performance.

In the wonderful narration of Uncle Ramiz: ‘Everyone kills what you love’

Kenan and Kıvanç’s event clash with newspapers…

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ appeared in the Ezel series as a guest actor in 4 episodes with the Eight character.

Here is the scene where Ezel and Eight faced …

Ezel and Eyşan lost their lives with a dramatic end in the final episode of the series, drowning the viewers into tears.


Ezel’s generic music is the name of Toygar Işıklı, the sought-after name of the series music. He explained what he brought to the fore while preparing the music of the ‘Ezel’ series with the following words: “There is a symphonic or orchestral situation in Ezel. I use the guitar to give” Ezel “the pain of Ömer.

I prefer group string instruments for the general tension of the series. I also use the piano to give “Eyşan” a sense of love. I want people to visualize that character when they listen to music without looking at the TV … I aim for it and try to achieve it as much as I can. ”


A youtube channel is opened for Ezel series … In this channel, you can find short episodes from many different scenes. In addition, all the episodes of the series were shared for those who want to watch in HD quality.

Ezel series continues to be talked with both its characters, music and messages even after many years. You can watch videos from the highlights of the series by clicking the link.

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