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4 July 2022 09:18


Famous actor Alperen Duymaz gave an interesting response to the allegations that he will divorce!

Alperen Duymaz, who had a leap in his career with his performance in the TV series Son Yaz (Last Summer), and who was very popular in the TV series Erkek Severse (If a Man Loves) broadcast on BeIN CONNECT, is among the famous names who do not prefer to live his private life in front of him.

Recently, the fairy tale marriage of Alperen Duymaz and his teacher wife Kübra Kelkit has created a bombshell effect in the tabloid press, where dark clouds have been hovering over it.

Mehmet Üstündağ from the Hürriyet Newspaper wrote an article stating that there were allegations that the couple, who sat quietly at the wedding table two years ago, would divorce.

In order not to be separated from his childhood love, Kübra Kelkit, who was a teacher in Çankırı, Alperen Duymaz had put his wedding forward and had a civil marriage ceremony and had Kelkit appointed to Istanbul from her spouse status. Due to the intensity of Duymaz’s drama set, the couple got married before they could even get married.

Mehmet Üstündağ used the following expressions in his article; “It was known that Kübra Kelkit, who teaches at a school in Istanbul, always kept her distance from the ‘shiny life’ of Alperen Duymaz. However, now that I learned, Kelkit’s inability to keep up with this life broke the ropes.

In fact, the couple did not attend the birthday party of Duymaz’s manager, Cem Tatlıtuğ, recently, fueling the rumors. It is also among the information that the couple, who is said to have taken a break from their relationship, still lives in the same house. I hope they give their marriage another chance and don’t shake our faith in fairy tales.”

After these news in the magazine press, Alperen Duymaz shared the following from his Instagram account. This sharing of the actor was interpreted by his fans in response to the news, and comments were made as ‘the best answer’.

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