Famous actor Enis Arıkan told how Emel Sayın slipped her foot!..
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8 February 2023 19:05


Famous actor Enis Arıkan told how Emel Sayın slipped her foot!..

Enis Arıkan, who won acclaim for his character “Muzaffer” in Kanal D’s TV series “Camdaki Kız”, which was watched with interest, is what happens to me? He also made a name for himself with his movie. The movie, starring Hazal Kaya and Onur Tuna, was screened last week.

Answering questions from social media on the social content platform Onedio, Enis Arıkan said, Benden Ne Olur? He made a surprising confession about his movie.

Benden Ne Olur? Enis Arıkan, who acts the inner voice of the character of “Sertap Bal” acted by Hazal Kaya in the movie, “The imaginary hero was Emel Sayın, I slipped Emel Sayın’s foot, I got the role written for me, it’s fun to act myself, you will see the real Enis in a caricatured way” made the statement.

Enis Arıkan added that he admired Hazal Kaya’s acting. Stating that she has a shy nature, the actor said, “I can never go anywhere without someone by my side, I feel very embarrassed when people look at me, I can’t stand alone in crowded environments, but after adapting to the environment, I don’t have any problems.”

“I get depressed when I rest, I have to work every day.” Making his statement, Enis Arıkan said, “I don’t care about fame, I just want to work so that I don’t get confused.”

The famous actor replied to a fan’s question, “Don’t you ever get tired?”, “I don’t get tired, I work every day, but going to the set in the mornings makes me a little more difficult, if I become a star a little more, I will put the set condition on the contract in the afternoon”.

The actoralso revealed her biggest dream in the program; Stating that he does not have many dreams, Enis Arıkan gave the good news to his fans by saying, “I have a story, I want to make a movie about it, I decided with my manager yesterday, we will start.”

You can watch the video of Enis Arıkan’s answers to all questions from social media below;

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