Şevval Sam surprised me with her confession that I am just learning about acting and singing!..
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9 February 2023 11:55


Şevval Sam surprised me with her confession that I am just learning about acting and singing!..

Şevval Sam, who is very popular with her character “Ender” in Fox TV’s phenomenon series Yasak Elma for 5 seasons, was the guest of Tonight with İbrahim Selim, broadcast on YouTube. The beautiful star, who made a name for herself with her singing as well as her acting, made candid statements about her career and private life in the program.

Şevval Sam, who explained, “I am a person who lives in her own world, in a dream world,” said, “It will be 28 years since I started acting, I studied neither music nor acting, I graduated from the graphics department, my career surprises even me when I look at it today, I think I just learned acting and singing” noted for her statement.

Şevval Sam, who stated that he loves football very much, said, “I can’t manage to act, but I love watching it, I may be one of the few women who knew offside at the time.”

Stating that she could not sing at home alone, the actress said, “I can’t playback, I can’t sing by myself, I can’t sing without an audience.”

Şevval Sam, who stated that she hated crying, continued her words by saying that she did not like the roles with tears either; “When I was little, I had very watery eyes, they always made fun of me, crying turns into a smile, I laugh a lot”.

The sentence that the actress likes to hear the most is “Mrs. Şevval, I am very happy to see you”. Famous actress; “I am incredibly happy in these moments!” she said.

Şevval Sam, who also talked about her relationship with her son Tarık Emir, who is an actress like himself, said, “When we go abroad with Tarık, we walk hand in hand. Sometimes, girls who like Tarık think I am their girlfriend and are very surprised to learn that I am their mother.

You can watch the entire program Tonight with İbrahim Selim, where Şevval Sam is a guest, below;

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