Famous actress Sevda Erginci's harassment confession surprised!
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27 November 2022 16:14


Famous actress Sevda Erginci’s harassment confession surprised!

Famous actress Sevda Erginci has been on the screen for 11 years. The actress, who has given life to different characters in many different projects and won acclaim with her performance, is currently taking the lead role in the TRT1 series Seni Kalbime Saklardım ( I Saved You in My Heart).

The beautiful actress, who gave an interview to Hakan Gence from Hürriyet Newspaper last weekend, talked about the harassment she suffered many times on the sets and explained how she coped with this situation.

Stating that she was subjected to psychological harassment many times, Sevda Erginci also said that she witnessed many harassment incidents.

Stating that she did not experience physical abuse, she was in a masculine state like a boy on the set, and therefore no one would dare to do so, the famous actress stated that she was exposed to psychological abuse a lot and said:

“But psychologically they dared. It’s hard to explain. If he can’t hit you because of your womanhood, he tries to hit you with the actress. Here, he doesn’t play; he humiliates what you do, humiliates your womanhood or acting. He does it from such a place that you can’t complain about it either, it’s something. You can’t tell. Now I’ve learned to fight.”

Sevda Erginci added that she announced the names of the people who exposed her to this so that her fellow actresses would not experience what they went through.

The beautiful actress, who also made statements about her love life, admitted that her heart was empty and stated that she had been deceived so far in her bilateral relations.

Stating that she was cheated a lot in her private relations, the actress stated that she never cheated.

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