Fans are looking forward to the new movie of İlker Aksum, Ramo's Hasan!..
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9 February 2023 09:10


Fans are looking forward to the new movie of İlker Aksum, Ramo’s Hasan!..

Ilker Aksum, the actor we watched as “Hasan” in the TV series “Ramo”, is currently experiencing the excitement of the silver screen.

The romantic comedy ‘Aşkın Ömrü’, in which İlker Aksum shares the lead role with Tuba Ünsal, will be released very soon.

In the project produced by Statu Pictures and directed by Mustafa Uğur Yağcıoğlu, Tuba Ünsal plays the character of ‘Selen’ and İlker Aksum plays the character of ‘Anıl’. The duo plays a married couple.

İlker Aksum, who published the movie poster on his Instagram account, shared his excitement with his followers.

He shared the poster of the film, which was shot in Istanbul, on Tuba Ünsal’s Instagram account and wrote “Very close”.

After these shares, the fans of the duo began to look forward to the movie. Many comments were made under the actors’ posts by their followers, such as ‘Watch it if you are there’, ‘Plenty of box office’, ‘Good luck’.

İlker Aksum, in an interview he gave recently, said, “We need to revive the cinemas. I hope the cinemas will regain their old figures as soon as possible. He also called on his colleagues, saying, “The current numbers do not cut me off.”

The movie Aşkın Life will meet with the audience very soon on the big screen, but there is no definite information about the vision date of the movie yet.

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