Farewell from Özge Gürel to Can Yaman
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27 November 2022 13:47


Farewell from Özge Gürel to Can Yaman

Mr. Wrong series, signed by Gold Film, completed its screen life on Friday, October 2. This result came out because the series, which made the final with its 14th episode, could not get enough ratings.

The fact that the series, which has a very good integration with social media, did not establish such a strong connection with the audience on the screen, was the reason why the series went to the finals.

It was revealed once again with Mr. Wrong that social media attention had no effect on television ratings. Özge Gürel also shared farewell to her TV series. The famous actress, who shared a post and posted a photo from the story section, said a sad farewell.

The famous actress, who said goodbye with the note “I would like to thank everyone who contributed and made the road beautiful, especially Can Yaman for this journey to be remembered beautifully”, also made an interesting share in the Instagram story section.

Özge Gürel thanked her partner Can Yaman with a humorous message.

The famous actress wrote: “With this strange photo of ours, I looked like that, thank you. Can Yaman was a great partner, even when he broke my hair. Have a nice trip.”

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