Farewell to the Camdaki Kız series and hello to the Süslü Korkuluk
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29 September 2022 02:14


Farewell to the Camdaki Kız series and hello to the Süslü Korkuluk

The series Camdaki Kız (meaning: Girl in the Glass), which is broadcast on Kanal D screen on Thursday evenings, is shot by OGM Pictures, owned by Onur Güvenatam and Gülseren Budayioğlu. The producer of the series has another project. OGM Pictures sold the Süslü Korkuluk (meaning: Fancy Scarecrow) series, which it first signed with tv8, to Netflix due to the budget crisis.

Thus, the new series of Engin Şenkan, who we watched with the character of Cavit in the TV series “Camdaki Kız” and impresses with his successful performance, has thus become clear. After the Camdaki Kız, the master actor will take part in the team of the Süslü Korkuluk.

Engin Şenkan, who gives justice to every role he plays with his magnificent performances, and shows his mastery in conveying the emotion to the audience every time, will also make a great contribution to the Süslü Korkuluk series.

Engin Şenkan, who will play the deceased grandfather of the tailor Peyami character played by Çağatay Ulusoy, will have transitioned from one series of OGM Pictures to another.

It is expected that the rehearsals for the Süslü Korkuluk, whose rehearsals have started and the venue selections continue, will be on the set soon and the shooting will begin.

The other two masters of the series, in which Esra Bilgiç played the female lead, were Olgun Şimşek and Salih Bademci.

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