Fatih Al, Muzaffer of Kanatsız Kuşlar, is in atv's new drama series!
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27 November 2022 11:49


Fatih Al, Muzaffer of Kanatsız Kuşlar, is in atv’s new drama series!

Fatih Al, who was born in Ankara in 1976, has been displaying his talents on the sets as an actor since 2005. The actor, which we see in both TV series and movies, has played different roles so far.

Fatih Al, who was popular with the character of Matrakçı Nasuh in Muhteşem Yüzyıl series, played the character of Sosyete Yusuf in the series Karadayı.

Fatih Al, who we watched as Muzaffer, the elder brother of Onur’s character, in the very interesting drama series of ATV named Kanatsız Kuşlar, was also remembered with the 46-episode series.

The actor, whom we watched as Nazım and Yıldıray in the series Atiye and Yıldıray in Aşk 101, has now made a deal with Koliba Film for a new series. Fatih Al is among the actors who made the first agreement in the TV series, Okul Yolunda, which will be screened on ATV.

Fatih Al, who was on the screen in the summer period with the Show TV series called Kahraman Babam, gave life to the character of Yavuz.

Filming is expected to begin in January. It is expected that the subject of violence against women and the child bride event will take place in the story that takes place in the city.

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