Ümit Kantarcılar made an important decision about TV series!
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5 October 2022 11:12


Ümit Kantarcılar made an important decision about TV series!

Famous actor Ümit Kantarcılar won the ‘best actor’ award at the Turkey Innovation and Success Awards. Ümit Kantarcılar, who recently appeared in the romantic comedy series “Kazara Aşk”, has attracted attention with his different roles so far.

Ümit Kantarcılar, who has been on the sets since 2010, is often remembered for his comedy roles. The actor, who stepped into the TV sets of the character Erkan in the TV series Küçük Sırlar, attracted attention with the character of Onur in the TV series Kanatsız Kuşlar.

Ümit Kantarcılar, who won a large fan base with the character of Kerem in the production of Vuslat, also had a romantic comedy experience with Kazara Aşk. This series, which started in the summer, was canceled in the 13th episode due to low ratings.

At the ceremony where he received the best actor award, the famous actor also announced his preference for serials. The actor now wants to take part in drama productions.

The successful actor, who left his mark on the night with his elegance, said: “I am very happy to be here. I have been involved in many projects so far, but each character’s place is different, all of them contributed to my development. Comedy has been a bit more dominant in my career, but now I want to play drama. I want to come to the screen with a good drama project this season.”

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