Fatih Berk Şahin is going through an unbelievable process in the Hakim series!
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5 December 2022 08:23


Fatih Berk Şahin is going through an unbelievable process in the Hakim series!

Fatih Berk Şahin was one of the young talents that attracted attention in the Hakim (Judge) series broadcast on ATV screen… The young actor, whom we watched as Ozan, the son of the judge Ömer character played by Erdal Beşikçioğlu in the series, does justice to his role.

Attracting attention with the projects he took part in in 2021, Fatih Berk Şahin played in the movie Geçen Yaz (Last Summer). Fatih Berk Şahin, who played a role in the digital series named Seyyar, was appreciated with the character of Doruk in the series Yalancı (Liar), which he drew attention to.

Returning to the screen with the TV series Hakim after Yalancı is considered a successful career start for the young actor. The actor, who has improved himself in acting and has been together with many masters on the set of Hakim, said, “It is a very difficult journey to believe. It is an immersive adventure and my character, Ozan, who is dragged the most here,” said.

Şahin, who thinks that the character of Ozan has lost a lot of balance, stated that the search for balance always continues and this struggle should be appreciated.

Fatih Berk Şahin, who was a partner with both Naz Çağla Irmak and Eslem Akar in the Hakim series, had a good break. It is not known how long the series will continue due to its low ratings, but it has already caught the attention of the producers and it seems likely that it will receive many offers in the future.

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