Artists News Obligatory call from Burcu Kara, who broke her bad luck with the Hakim series!

Obligatory call from Burcu Kara, who broke her bad luck with the Hakim series!


Burcu Kara, who was born in Bursa in 1980, has been one of the names that has been on the sets for many years and is remembered for her successful projects. The biggest misfortune of the actress was that some of the series he took part in were short-lived. For this reason, Burcu Kara, who is expressed among the unlucky actors in the series, made an assertive debut with the Hakim (Judge) series after a 4-year hiatus.

Burcu Kara, who attracted attention with her character Ayşe, the police officer, was one of the most striking names of the series, which continued for only 10 episodes due to low ratings. While the actress, whom her fans likened to the character, was eagerly awaited what she would do in the new season, another pleasing development took place.

Burcu Kara, who is married to producer Fırat Doğu Parlak, gave birth to Ali Çınar and experienced the happiness of motherhood. Burcu Kara, who also got along very well with her husband’s son Ömer from his first marriage, is now experiencing the excitement of motherhood once again.

Despite the very ambitious start of the Hakim series, it was a great misfortune for the actress that the audience did not attract enough attention and the ratings were low. However, the actress, who could not even find the opportunity to be sad for the end of the series, where she gave a very successful performance, experienced great joy when she learned that she was pregnant.

Experiencing the excitement of motherhood for the second time, the actress gained some weight and said goodbye to her 36 body days. Burcu Kara said, “I gained some weight this time. We are taking a break from my 36 size days. Get ready for a Pisces Sign. It is true that our family has grown. I always dreamed of a large family. It was my destiny to experience this happiness for the second time with my traveling companion, whom I loved very much, had a lot of fun with, and shared this life with bittersweet. I hope we can take our third child in our arms safely and easily…”

After Ali Çınar, Burcu Kara’s second baby will also be a boy. It was also a matter of curiosity what the famous actress, who will be alone with 3 boys in the family with Ömer, who is from her husband’s first marriage, will do during pregnancy.

Will Burcu Kara take part in a new project or will she return to the sets after giving birth and raising her baby?

Burcu Kara, who married Fırat Doğu Parlak in 2016, gave birth to her son Ali Çınar in September 2017. The actress took a break from the sets for a while both before and after the birth.

The return of the postpartum actress to the sets was generally realized with roles that would not tire her. Like the intense tempo in the Hakim series, it is not expected that Burcu Kara will enter a very intense series tempo again during the pregnancy period.