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12 August 2022 23:55


Ferit Aktuğ, Bora of Sefirin Kızı, is back in television series!

Ferit Aktuğ was born in 1978 and although he studied Economics at Dokuz Eylül University, he was interested in acting. The actor, who became popular as Efe’s brother, commissioner Metin Kaygısız, in the Kavak Yelleri series in his acting adventure that he started in 2002, has fit many projects in his career that has lasted for years.

The actor, who is still remembered with the character of Taylan in the TV series Ufek Tefek Cinayetler, also did a successful job with the character of Bora in the TV series Sefirin Kızı. After the Sefirin Kızı series, the actor returned to the screen again on Star TV, this time with the TV series Ah Nerede.

While Ah Nerede, the first episode of which was broadcast last Friday, was described as a successful project by the audience, the fact that there was a series version of the movie of the same name shot in 1975 also made the project attract attention.

Ferit Aktuğ, who appeared with the character of Ali in the TV series Ah Nerede, again met with the television audience. While the 43-year-old actor showcased his experience for Star TV’s new series, his fans are happy to be back on the screen.

While a number of fans comment on social media, “I’m watching the series for Ferit Aktuğ,” the fans of the actor with similar messages state that Ferit Aktuğ is the reason why they watch the TV series Ah Nerede.

Specifying that they laughed a lot at the character of Ali Kaya, played by Ferit Aktuğ, the audience thinks that the famous actor adds a great color to the Ah Nerede series.

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